Ed Metzger as Albert Einstein
“My head may be in the Universe but my feet are right here on Earth”
Ed Metzger as Ernest Hemingway
“Dad always told me … Never kill anything you’re not going to eat … I sure learned that the hard way,
when I was 9 … I shot porcupine!


When actor Ed Metzger performs his tour de force, entertaining, nationally acclaimed one-man play as the original absent-minded eccentric genius in“ALBERT EINSTEIN: THE PRACTICAL BOHEMIAN,” his hair is wild, long and unruly, and he does not have a beard.

When Metzger performs his second compelling one-man play as the legendary rugged writer in “HEMINGWAY: ON THE EDGE,” his hair is short, and he has a close cropped beard.

It doesn’t matter if Ed Metzger’s hair is long or short in either signature solo portrayal, he takes to the stage at sold-out performances throughout the country bringing masterful reenactments and enriching experiences that touch at the hearts of theater audiences.

Ed Metzger’s skillful acting talents guide us on a tour through the lives of Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway in two distinctive separate one-man shows with his gripping and provocative impersonations.

“ALBERT EINSTEIN: THE PRACTICAL BOHEMIAN” is celebrated as the genius physicist from Germany who could not find his way home when he lived in Princeton, New Jersey, working at The Institute for Advanced Studies. We see the man who was not a good student in school, and who was driven to solve the most daunting and important problems in the universe with his Theory of Relativity.

“HEMINGWAY: ON THE EDGE” follows Ernest Hemingway the notable Pulitzer Prize writer from Oak Park, Illinois, who went from Gertrude Stein’s Lost Generation to the world’s Greatest Generationas he prepares to move from Cuba to Ketchum, Idaho.

While researching and writing both one man plays, Metzger is often asked if he was aware of any common threads between Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway. Sure, Einstein was a genius scientist and Hemingway was a literature genius.

But one unique aspect Metzger discovered about the notable famous men was that both enjoyed boating. Einstein had a small sailboat, “The Tummler” which he enjoyed using at Saranac Lake in New York. Hemingway’s large boat, “The Pilar” was docked at Key West and he ran it while battling Nazi submarines along the Florida coast.

Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway each had their own unique involvement during World War II. Hemingway was awarded The Bronze Star for his heroic efforts in combat with Adolph Hitler’s Nazis when he was a war correspondent in Paris, France. Einstein’s letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt began The Manhattan Project, and his revolutionary theory E=mc² was used in the development of the Atomic Bomb.

Ed Metzger and his co-writer and producer, Laya Gelff, recognized that the most important similarity between Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway was their extreme devotion to their work. As a result, each one was awarded The Nobel Prize.

Ed Metzger and Laya Gelff are very proud to have created the ONLY “EINSTEIN” show which has been officially Endorsed by The Einstein Family.

Albert Einstein’s first cousin, Hertha Einstein Nathorff said, “I had the feeling that I was in the presence, as once upon a time, of my dear cousin, Albert Einstein.”

Following each performance of either “ALBERT EINSTEIN: THE PRACTICAL BOHEMIAN” or “HEMINGWAY: ON THE EDGE,” Ed Metzger concludes with a knowledgeable, lively and engaging audience Talk-Backwith Q and A.

As the renowned Einstein look-a-like, Ed Metzger has received national sponsorship from Fortune 500 corporations for his inspiring and stimulating interactive Science Education Residency program motivating at-risk public school students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Dynamic School Out-Reach Residencies, Arts-in-Schools for both EINSTEIN and HEMINGWAY include workshops in Theater Arts, Show Biz, Humanities Seminars, Historical Lectures, Corporate Events and Keynote Guest Speaker.



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