ED METZGER as EINSTEIN: The Practical Bohemian

From crazy white hair, thrift-style clothes and sneakers without socks, actor ED METZGER brings to life the unbridled curiosity of the world’s most beloved genius and physicist in his compelling nationally acclaimed dramatic one-man show, "ALBERT EINSTEIN: THE PRACTICAL BOHEMIAN."

However, many people know little about the eccentric Einstein behind the genius. Ed Metzger’s portrayal is a masterful glimpse into the Greatest Man of the 20th Century, who harbored dreams of being a solo violinist, and had to ask directions to his own home, and who was driven to solve the most daunting and important problems in the universe.

Metzger presents the original absent-minded professor and comedian, confused and troubled father, womanizer and philosopher. The audience discovers Einstein as a man who was concerned about his family life, who was devastated by world situations, about being Jewish, sought by Hitler, and as an ardent pacifist who struggled that his scientific discoveries were used in the creation of the Atomic Bomb.

Metzger’s portrayal in “ALBERT EINSTEIN: THE PRACTICAL BOHEMIAN,” is engaging, thought provoking and humorous. This compelling original drama is a full evening in the theater appealing to a universal audience.

The show is NOT a science lecture.
There are NO blackboards on stage.
The audience DOES NOT NEED a college degree in physics to attend.

Metzger says that it’s hard to imagine a better character for a one-man show than Einstein, who loved Hollywood becoming friends with Charlie Chaplin (and also with Marilyn Monroe).

Speaking of the role he created for himself, Metzger says, “Every once in a while there comes along a role that fits like a glove and you don’t know why.”


“Metzger’s characterization is strong and genius.”THE NEW YORK TIMES

“A tour de force.”THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

“Metzger does for Einstein what Hal Holbrook did for Mark Twain.” THE DETROIT NEWS

“Metzger is authentic right down to the bone.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE
“Einstein would have been proud of Metzger’s portrayal.” HOLLYWOOD DAILY VARIETY

“I had the feeling I was in the presence, as once upon a time, of my dear cousin, Albert Einstein.” EINSTEIN’s 1st COUSIN, HERTHA EINSTEIN NATHORFF

Ed Metzger has performed his signature one-person show, "ALBERT EINSTEIN: THE PRACTICAL BOHEMIAN," since 1978 with rave reviews at theaters throughout the country, including Off-Broadway New York and The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC. This is the ONLY “EINSTEIN” show officially endorsed by The Einstein Family.

Ed Metzger is a well-known actor with extensive film, tv and stage credits, including the Oscar nominated film, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with Brad Pitt. He has been in many other films and television shows, performed on Broadway with Al Pacino, and in film with Marlon Brando.

Metzger is available for ALL media interviews. Live TV, talk-show radio, newspapers and magazines may be scheduled months in advance of the show.

PROGRAM LENGTH: 2 Acts with Intermission
AUDIENCE TALK-BACK: Engaging and Filled with Amusing Anecdotes
TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Minimal Props and flexible Tech for ALL venues

VIDEO, CAMERA PHONES, AUDIO and ALL recording devices NOT permitted.


Contact: LAYA GELFF METZGER 818.996.3100 email laya_gelff@yahoo.com

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