ED METZGER as Hemingway

On The Edge

Hunter! Writer! Hero! Lover!
Bullfighter! Bombs! Booze! Buckwheat cakes!
A life other men only dream of!

ED METZGER as Hemingway

Hemingway the play - Hemingway Play

As literary giants go, Ernest Hemingway lived a life as dramatic and exhilarating as those he crafted on the written page.

ED METZGER captures the legendary man who reveled in danger, passion and adventure in his stirring and dynamic one-man show, HEMINGWAY: ON THE EDGE.

From THE SUN ALSO RISES to THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA, for which Hemingway was awarded the highest honors for literary achievement, The Pulitzer and The Nobel prizes, Metzger’s solo portrayal explores how Hemingway attempts to recapture those moments of greatness. Whether in Cuba, Africa, Ketchum, Key West or Spain, Hemingway was hopeful to find once again inspiration for his stories.

Metzger’s masterful reenactment to sold-out theatrical performances on stage throughout the country, explores Gertrude Stein’s Lost Generation to the world’s Greatest Generation highlighting glimpses of Hemingway’s robust, artistic, and explosive life story. Fascinated with Hemingway’s character, Metzger selected the extraordinary writer as the subject of his second one-man play because his life was filled with countless exciting elements, which were as much a part of Hemingway's life as they were of his many novels and short stories.

According to Metzger, "Hemingway was a complex character who fed his writing by seeking visceral experiences, challenging life at its most basic level."

Most Hemingway aficionados know the tales of his difficulties with his personal life - brawling, drinking, womanizing and even confronting Fidel Castro when he took over Cuba. However, many people know little about the unconventional man behind the literary genius. Metzger reveals other sides of Hemingway’s life in a gripping and provocative impersonation. In addition to his public image as a macho braggart, the audience discovers how Hemingway used his incredible imagination to re-create his love of daily situations. Here is Hemingway taking aim at a charging rhinoceros, or issuing a challenge for a boxing match.

The audience discovers that Ernest Hemingway had his own unique involvement in the course of various wars. During World War I, at the age of 19 from Oak Park, Illinois, he volunteered as an ambulance driver on the Italian front. He was seriously wounded after carrying a fellow soldier to the first aid station with more than 200 pieces of shrapnel lodged in his own legs. As a newspaper reporter covering the Spanish Civil War, Hemingway used that background in FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS. During World War II, he ran his boat, “The Pilar” from his home in Key West battling Nazi submarines along the Florida coast. Continuing the fight in Europe, he snatched a machine gun and waded into combat with Adolph Hitler’s Nazis as a front-line war correspondent in Paris, France. Hemingway said, “To hell with writing. I have to fight.” Almost court-martialed, instead of going to the brig Hemingway was awarded The Bronze Star for his heroic efforts by General Dwight Eisenhower.

Metzger says, “Hemingway was a true master, in the same way as a Rembrandt. He believed in endurance and created a literary body of work that will last in the way of all good masters.”

Metzger’s skillful portrayal in HEMINGWAY: ON THE EDGE captures not only the man, but also his mind, his work, and his instincts.The audience discovers Hemingway the perfectionist who would spend time twisting words around in each sentence until it rang true.

Metzger says, “I explore the artist in Hemingway since every word he wrote is a picture. The audience will experience what motivated him and discover how he got to all those stories.”

The one-man show is engaging, thought provoking, and has received rave reviews at theaters throughout the country.


“Metzger brings Hemingway alive!” THE KANSAS CITY STAR PRESS
“We laugh and cry in this entertaining and heart-warming portrayal.” TULSA WORLD
“Metzger is an exceptional actor.” THE WASHINGTON POST
“The audience gave him a standing ovation.” BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY
“A dynamic script performed by a dynamic actor.” OREGON REGISTER GUARD

Ed Metzger and his co-writer, producer, agent, and wife, Laya Gelff, have John F. Kennedy to thank for their one-man play, HEMINGWAY: ON THE EDGE. While writing and researching, they visited the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library and discovered a wing devoted to Ernest Hemingway. They seized upon Hemingway’s literary achievements which are unparalleled in their breadth and impact as he continues to be a force in literature.

HEMINGWAY: ON THE EDGE is NOT a classroom lecture on writing.
The audience DOES NOT NEED a college degree in literature to attend.
Metzger DOES NOT do any Hemingway readings.

Ed Metzger is a well-known actor with extensive film, tv and stage credits, including the Oscar nominated film, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with Brad Pitt. He has been in many other films and television shows, performed on Broadway with Al Pacino, and in film with Marlon Brando.

Metzger is available for ALL media interviews. Live TV, talk-show radio, newspapers and magazines may be scheduled months in advance of the show.

Some of the language and subject matter is true to Hemingway, and is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

PROGRAM LENGTH: 2 Acts with Intermission
AUDIENCE TALK-BACK: Engaging and Filled with Amusing Anecdotes, including Q and A
TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Minimal Props and flexible Tech for ALL venues

VIDEO, CAMERA PHONES, AUDIO and ALL recording devices NOT permitted.

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