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Ed Metzger’s EINSTEIN is the only show Endorsed byThe Einstein Family

"I had the feeling that I was once again in the presence of my dear cousin Albert." EINSTEIN’s FIRST COUSIN HERTHA EINSTEIN NATHORFF

“Einstein would have been proud.” PRINCETON UNIVERSITY

"Metzger's portrayal is on the mark." THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Watching Metzger perform, I sensed Hemingway’s presence.” BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY

"The ending was brilliant.I'll never forget it." THE VERMONT REPORTER

“Metzger is authentic right down to the bone.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"Meet Ed Metzger's brilliant portrayal of the original absent-minded professor." THE LOS ANGELES TIMES


"Ed Metzger does for Einstein what Holbrook did for Twain." DETROIT NEWS

“Our audience loved Metzger’s Hemingway!” WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY

“Metzger brings Hemingway alive!” THE KANSAS CITY STAR PRESS

“Ed Metzger is an exceptional actor.” THE WASHINGTON POST

“A dynamic script performed by a dynamic actor.” OREGON REGISTER GUARD

“Highly recommend booking Metzger’s Einstein.” FIRST NIGHT ANNAPOLIS

“We laugh and cry in this entertaining and heart-warming portrayal.” TULSA WORLD

“The audience gave him a standing ovation.” BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY

“The show captures Hemingway’s spirit.” FREED CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS

"An exceptional one-man show." THE BALTIMORE SUN

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